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Excessive use in control operations. And prevention of various agricultural crops from pests showed negative impact on crop productivity, which led to increased controversy extensively about the use of pesticides optimal use. And thus avoid exposure to any damage to agricultural production. Especially in light of the limited farmland, and water shortages. Provided that the use is safe. Through the criminalization and prohibition of uses that are incompatible with the rules and requirements of international organizations. And endorsed by the Committee of agricultural pesticides in Egypt. There is a role located Guidance Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural media, to help farmers familiarity with complete information about crop installation kits agriculture, so he can choose the most appropriate and best suited for cultivation of dozens traded species, and not to be affected clash companies producing pesticides around the active ingredient. Because it is a conflict of interest and not to serve the farmer first beneficiary of agriculture, meaning the fight against pests.

There are a lot of factors that are taken into account when deciding between the types of pesticides:

The duration of the effect of the pesticide in the soil
Environmental factors such as: «temperature, moisture, pH»

The indiscriminate use of pesticides sprayed in the operations:

And which result in flying, or transmission, or shift, or decomposition, or absorption of the pesticide components from the soil to the plant. Therefore, experts emphasize the need to observe safety precautions, to reduce the misuse of pesticides. And so ensure the safety and health of citizens.


Excessive pesticides:

That the use of pesticides excessively may have a negative impact on wild animals like rabbits, birds, and fish as well as the deterioration of soil fertility due to the killing of pesticides for bacterial nitrogen fixation «nitrogen» in the soil, the study proved that nitrite reacts with pesticides, and this results in a compound interaction «Alentiros amines »a toxic substance that causes cancer, is working on the contamination of the soil, groundwater, and absorbed by the sap, and stored in the tissues.