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Shams Chemicals

Is one of the leading companies in the Egyptian market that specializes in fertilizers, trace elements and crop protection products.
Founded in 2006, the company was established to supply Dakahlia Group’s farms with the most differentiated agrochemicals in the market. The Company’s operations soon developed to become the exclusive distributor for many international brands after observing the positive impact of our products on crop Quality and production in Dakahlia Group’s farms. Our products are manufactured with the latest technology in the chemicals field to enhance agriculture development.
Our distribution network covers the whole of Egypt, and includes distributors, retailers and large scale farms.
We beliebe that the diversity of our product range, the utiliztion of highly trained professionals, maintaingin close customer relations and abserving ethical standards in conduction business are the core reasons of our success.

Our Products

The company provides all the specialized agricultural chemicals, which include

• organic fertilizers (compost Dajna – composite animal – an animal composite Dajna).
• conventional fertilizers such as potassium sulfate, urea phosphate, phosphoric acid and others.
• the major elements of the vehicle (N, P, K).
• trace elements (Trace Elements) and various fittings.
• specialized fertilizers (such as algae extracts – dope roots – Alheiomk acids).
• kinds of agricultural pesticides, and other agricultural pest control materials.

It operates the sun to be the engine of innovation and science in the Egyptian agricultural sector, so the sun firm selected by their partners carefully so became the agent of the world’s largest companies in Spain, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and producing fertilizers and pesticides, which led to the acquisition of the company’s good and strong reputation of the Egyptian agricultural market, paying customers Iqsdona that without others companies for the acquisition of our product excellence.

Our mission:

To serve the Egyptian agricultural sector by offering innovative products and services that increase the production, availability of its costs, and preserve the health of citizens.

Our vision:

Excellence and professionalism in the provision of fertilizers and pesticides supreme quality for the Egyptian market, and to look at us as a credible Kmlhm in innovative products and services used in the Egyptian agriculture.


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