Available in packages of 5.20 kg


  • Very persistent to ensure the availability of iron for crops even in alkaline land and limestone.
  • Advanced chemical composition makes him better equipped to deliver maximum clutch of iron content.
  • The most realistic way for the treatment of iron deficiency is by ground Ahadjguen Iron Claw on EDDHA Ntraa of the effectiveness of this article claw and its ability to remain steadfast in various Egyptian ground conditions.
  • And high ease of solubility in water purity ensures quick and effective results than other products efficiently, thereby maximizing production.

Utilization rates


750 – 1000 g / acre CITRUS
Desserts trees
65 g / tree Trees and ornamental plants
500-750 g / acre Field Crops
6% (Weight/ Weight) iron (FE)
EDDHA Chelating substance
4-11 pH

Available in packages of 5.20 kg